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I no longer have the energy for meaningless friendships, forced interactions or unnecessary conversations.
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Marilyn photographed by Bert Stern, 1962. High-res


Marilyn photographed by Bert Stern, 1962.

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Iceland | Paco Rudilla


Iceland | Paco Rudilla
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The way to love someone is to lightly run your finger over that person’s soul until you find a crack, and then gently pour your love into that crack.
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If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.
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this is what i remember:
her hair, that smelt like apple cider left out too long.
I have eight crates of open bottles in the basement
but i can’t find the nerve to drink them.
i remember the english rain—how we’d follow
the drops racing down the window and how she
was always my finishing line.
i remember the rain slicked sidewalk and how she taught
me the word petrichor—
how i thought it sounded like the name of a norse god—
how she laughed at that.
i remember the stove she sat by in the morning to warm herself,
and how i wished i was enough to do it for her.
i remember her mouth—how lopsided it was—
how terrible she was at kissing but how i
didn’t want to teach her because it was a
hell of a new experience.
i remember how the earth moved—
how it was always moving, moving.
and there is always one thing you don’t want to remember,
but it’s always the first thing you do.
for me, i remember the day the earth carried on moving—
how it moved like nothing had ever happened.
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Why not fall in love?

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I got shit to do

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Tell my nephew I am sorry. Tell my sister I’m sorry she had to be the one to tell my nephew. Tell her I was afraid of her judgement. Tell my mother I wasn’t bluffing. Tell my brothers I was going back to get the brother who didn’t survive, the one before me. Tell them that this was my apology to him. Tell my grandmother to please open up the gates, I know this really wasn’t the way she expected to see me again, but this is how I am unraveled. Tell her… never mind, I’ll tell her myself.

Tell my other suicide notes they asses weren’t poems either. Tell my roommate I’m sorry he had to be the one to find the body. Tell the blood, “be quick about it already!” Tell Ryan, my love, that everything has his name on it. Tell the man that threatened my life, I won, too slow in this human’s race. Tell the downstairs neighbors I’m sorry for the thud. Tell Aerys I’m sorry I couldn’t be the best man in her wedding. Tell Duran he was right, one day I would. Tell Jeffery I imagined it was him pulling the trigger. Don’t tell my little brother - don’t tell Rashad unless he asks. Please.

Tell my father, “if we make it to the same place, could you at least try to talk to me first this time?” Tell depression, “good game! I almost had you, motherfucker!” Tell the psychiatrist the medicine ain’t workin’. Tell the floor it was a beautiful final bed, a last pair of arms, a wooden womb of an exit. Tell my feet, “stop running.” Tell my body, “keep the pills down.” The volume in my stomach is coming up - tell the volume, “quiet; don’t moan.”

Tell the pain I said goodbye. Tell goodbye I said hello. Tell Jessica, “I know - don’t follow me.” Tell Mobile Crisis Cleveland they are a sorry bunch of entitled assholes. Tell my ex-boyfriends to whisper my name. Now they know the sound of a dodged bullet. Tell the police I always leave the door unlocked. Tell them I won’t bother them again. Tell them I’m fine, I don’t need to go, I… I get to take what’s mine - handcuffs.Tell the ER it looks like temporary. Tell the ER I’m gonna rename in my father’s presence. Tell Mother Nurse, don’t smile and hold my hand, don’t look like my mother, don’t tell me I can heal, don’t lie to me now, don’t give me stories to read, don’t name our laughter, my nephew’s smile. Don’t you show me what I got to live for, don’t make me want this again, please don’t make me fight. I’m tired, and no, I don’t want it to be better! Better is only a father’s presence. Don’t wash off the scabs, don’t fix the brokenness that is all that I know.

Tell Renee, tell Nurse Renee… [exhales loudly]
Tell Renee I said thanks. Tell her I said thank you. Tell my nephew… tell them all I said thank you. Tell God I said, “send another one, every day”. Tell chocolate I said thank you. Tell Greek yogurt I’m back. Tell them I am home. Tell them I’m home, home is here, no matter what the shatter or the clatter I am here. I am Miss Celie here, I am so present!

Tell God, whoever he, or she, or they are, thanks, but next time, I won’t be seein’ ‘em soon.

Suicide Note: Akeemjamal Rollins
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Since you don’t have a boyfriend you should go online and find a tattoo artist that likes girls. Then you could marry him.
Dating advice from the kids I nanny